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The Brewer - Jez O'Neill

My love of beer, pubs and brewing (I first brewed aged 14, with my father’s tacit approval), a vacant building in King’s Cliffe and an opportunity to change career all led to the founding of King’s Cliffe Brewery in early 2014.

The pleasure of creating beers to my own recipes, doing this in my home village of King’s Cliffe and reviving an industry that was last alive in the village 100 years ago gives me more pleasure than I can describe. I hope you get pleasure from drinking KCB beer.

Let me know what you think at

If I wasn't a brewer...

I'd be a marine biologist or a truffle hunter

If I was a beer I'd be...

5C. Clean, refreshingly different but with wide appeal!

My great loves are...

Good beer, the changing seasons, rare steak,
the sea, King's Cliffe

My great hates are...

Litter, health and safety nonsense, rudeness, fudge

The scariest thing
I've ever done is...

Parachute (and propose)

The best thing
I've ever done is...

Catch a salmon in Norway (and propose!)