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Craft beer

At King's Cliffe Brewery, we firmly believe that craft beer is the only choice for beer lovers. Why?


No-one puts as much into their beer as the individual brewer who creates, brews, bottles and probably delivers every pint themselves. So we do everything possible to ensure that every single pint that leaves our brewery is our pride and joy.


You get better beer for your money because King's Cliffe Brewery doesn't have big offices, a large workforce, expensive advertising campaigns or shareholders and investors to please. Most of our costs are in the ingredients, so your hard earned money is spent on a quality pint.


King's Cliffe Brewery is a five barrel brewery, so it's small enough to allow experimentation (and not the end of the world if it doesn't meet expectations and I have to pour it all away - yes, it's happened). And experimentation leads to beers that have individuality and character.


KCB beer doesn't travel too far as it's sold through local pubs, clubs and shops. There may not be any proof, but we believe that local tastes better.