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Our Story

King’s Cliffe Brewery was borne of a conversation with a friend of mine who’d just been on a microbrewery course. This immediately sparked a memory of when, as a child of14, I made very small quantities of beer.


This wasn’t the usual way of buying a tin of malt from Boots, adding water and yeast, waiting and then concluding that it was, at best, akin to a crappy pint of mass produced beer you might buy at the pub! I used malted barley, hops etc. and did it the proper way. The results were much, much, better.

Anyway... college, motorbikes and other interests led me away from brewing until the aforementioned ‘moment of clarity’. I will always recall that at that time my partner (Sue) immediately said ‘don’t get a bee in your bonnet about it’


Too late.


Bee in!

KCB was established in 2014 and I still love what I do and feel lucky to have been able to rekindle that passion from many moons (and beers of course) ago.

KCB in Pictures

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